Microscopy provides images of the very small, down to the nanometer scale, and for analysis of molecular and elemental composition. The EML (Electron Microscopy Laboratory) offers the tools and technical expertise for research and training in microscopy with both light and electron microscopes. We maintain and operate three electron microscopes (two transmission and one scanning electron microscope), a confocal laser scanning microscope, and the ancillary equipment needed for the preparation of specimens for EM and other microscopy. Our multiple light microscopes encompass optics for bright-field, phase-contrast, differential-interference, and fluorescence imaging. Conventional electron diffraction at a range of camera lengths can be accomplished with the TEMs.

Users of the EML can opt for full technical services in microscopy, so that they are provided with whatever micrographs and analyses are needed for given specimens; or users can work independently on the EML’s microscopes and specimen-preparation equipment following appropriate training by the EML’s staff. Technical service is available for any microscopy-related tasks, such as specimen preparation, microscope operation, and photography.

Courses through the EML staff and the School of Biology and Ecology, where the EML is housed, offer graduate- and upper-undergraduate-level training in the operation of electron microscopes, techniques of microscopy, and analysis of biological ultastructure. Individual tutorials on operation of the EML’s equipment can also be arranged.

For more information:
Kelly Edwards
Electron Microscopy Techn.
11 Murray Hall
P: (207) 581-2566
E: edwards@maine.edu